McKinney bringing real estate based reality show to TV

Frank McKinney, the acclaimed "King of Ready-Made Dream Homes", is working to bring either of his new real estate based reality shows - "King of the Castle" or "The Midas Flip" to TV networks and producers. Both have complete treatments written and illustrated.

Where High Risk and High Reward Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

Frank McKinney is known around the globe as the maverick daredevil of real estate…a visionary entrepreneur, one who creates $135+ million estate homes and one who certainly plays "against character."

Recently featured on ABC's 20/20 program and referred to by USA TODAY as the "King of Ready-Made Dream Homes," McKinney is a 2-time best-selling author and the man The Wall Street Journal calls the "Real Estate Rock Czar." 

For an exciting new television project, McKinney will pair his unsurpassed real estate savvy with his keen understanding of sharing one's blessings in an exciting unscripted TV show/docu-soap concept.

In either "King of the Castle" or "The Midas Flip"", McKinney will use his skills to forge a new real estate mogul from a group of competitive hopefuls, each with the opportunity to become the next Maverick.

Unlike most unscripted shows that exploit over-achieving contestants in a series of humiliating stunts and exhibitions, King of the Castle and The Midas Flip will educate and inspire its participants, as well as its TV audience. "We're going to teach people who are in dire need of a new beginning how to build their character while at the same time teaching them how to build a fortune in real estate," says McKinney.

McKinney lets viewers in on the secrets of the fast-paced and intoxicating world of 9-figure real estate, while molding the character of his protégés. His contrarian approach is refreshing, irreverant and even holy at times.

In typical grand McKinney fashion, the larger-than-life real estate genius will offer episodes that are stimulating, captivating, and filled with some of the most luscious visuals imaginable.

Serving as a backdrop for the information-packed episodes of either show's first season are diverse and breathtaking locations from around the world.

Participants will visit the sun drenched beaches of luxurious Palm Beach (where entrepreneur McKinney creates his $135+ million masterpieces) and the desperate villages of Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, where philanthropist McKinney provides thousands of desperately poor and homeless families with shelter. 

From each location, King of the Castle or The Midas Flip will show aspiring millionaires how to "Make it Big" in the world of real estate and how to truly succeed in the "business of life."

Who will win or lose in the end? Will there really be a loser? Will all walk away with the charactistics necessary to be a true Maverick? 

Please visit this website again soon for online applications to become a contestant on this ground-breaking new show, or for upates to the treatment/premise as the networks add their creative input. Networks and producers please email us for additional information at

You've got nothing to lose and it's
your shot at becoming the next Maverick