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Burst This! Frank McKinney’s Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies clearly shows you how to prepare for and time the upswings while insulating your real estate investments from the inherent corrective cycle.

Are you tired of all the “bubble” talk, the countless hours of hearing nothing but doom and gloom? Then here comes Frank McKinney to help you wash away the worry–the anxiety that financial theorists and misguided media constantly dump into the real estate marketplace. During his 25-year career, this “real estate artist” has not only survived but thrived through all economic conditions by taking a contrarian approach and making his own markets.

If you’re still wondering when the right time will be for you to get in the game, if you want to capitalize on the predictable upswing that always comes after a downturn, if you know the smartest move you can make is following strategies that weather anything the market throws your way, then Burst This! is for you.

Here’s Some of What You Can Expect from Burst This!:

  • McKinney takes you on a factual real estate retrospective, a “post mortem” of the housing markets, beginning with the mid-seventies to today. McKinney studies six distinct real estate cycles over the last thirty-five years. Here he sifts out critical, recurring trends that highlight significant opportunities while signaling where history might repeat itself.
  • Get the evidentiary truth – not the fear-mongering or sugar-coating on real estate’s ups and downs. You’ll see exactly how McKinney has successfully handled these predictable cycles with timeless financial and investment strategies.
  • Pinpoint the types of real-estate investments that have consistently shown immunity to the market’s volatile fluctuations.
  • Hear a resounding counter-opinion to the doomsayers and the get-rich-quick schemers who crawl out of the cesspool whenever the market’s pendulum swings too far in one direction–and guard against falling into their traps.
  • See how you can aspire not just to survival, but also to what McKinney calls “thrival,” developing your ability to capitalize on market conditions.
  • Discover why the positive and negative excitement (a.k.a. greed and fear) associated with boom and bust times are your worst enemies, brought out by nothing more than recurring market cycles, and how to recognize and guard against them.
  • Learn how you actually make your own opportunities and, contrary to what you have been told, you also create your own bubbles in the real estate market. Learn how to stop reacting to conditions and circumstances and begin to create your own reality that yields exponential rewards.

Recent Testimonials

“Even in this unstable real estate market I found that using Frank McKinney’s techniques from start to finish pay off! I just flipped another house with a 50% profit. While other houses are sitting idle on the market, my houses are selling within the first 30 days – and I owe it all to Frank McKinney. As a matter of fact, my most recent flip sold on the first day it was listed! Thanks Frank for all your expert advise – I look forward to continuing to use your real estate approach to advance myself on to flipping million dollar homes. Your books have been a great inspiration.”

– John Hranec

“Classic Frank McKinney. Frank tells it like it is. Real estate runs in cycles, booms and busts. Burst This! contains relevant information for the real estate investor or anybody interested in becoming a real estate investor or just thinking about purchasing a property. Frank uses real-life experiences in real estate strategies not Ivory Tower or Television B.S. Frank is definitely a Maverick but a Contrarian? How about a Realist with an ability to see the future by studying the past. Great Book!”

– Thomas A. Griffith

“I met Frank personally and had the pleasure to tour his beautiful home at the famous Aqua Liana in Manalapan Beach, Fl. He truly inspired me. If you are willing to invest time and some money please read this great book and educate yourself. Learn from the expert and then your journey should be easier and more rewarding.Thanks, Frank!

Whether you are just starting to think about investing or if you have been researching and buying for years, you should read this book. It clearly explains all the essential steps to becoming a successful investor and reveals many of the myths of real estate success. The author, Frank McKinney’s, does not try to sugar coat the process one bit and can be brutally honest about the mistakes people make and the effort that is actually required to be an investor

I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking of investing in properties. It covers all the groundwork and will give you a real taste of what you’re getting yourself into.

McKinney, I wish you the best success!”

– E. Soria

“I’m not really surprised that Burst This! is better than any other real estate investment book out there that I’ve read – McKinney has a knack for doing things big and doing them RIGHT! I love the way the book is written – layman’s terms that make it so easy to digest and understand that I can also invest and make money in real estate not just in bad times or good – in fact, at any time. The fact that he is never governed by a boom and bust mentality makes him stand out in the world of successful businessmen. He uses his own strategies that obviously have proven very successful for him – and will now prove the same for us. I can’t stand the books that get you all hyped up and then really don’t give that much information on how to do it yourself. That’s what I love about this book – it gives you EVERYTHING you need! The fact that McKinney donates a lot of money from book sales to his charity that builds homes for those less fortunate is an added plus for me – he puts his money where his mouth is – literally! Great book – couldn’t put it down. Thanks, Frank.”

– Prolific book reader