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Rather than read some lengthy description written by us, scroll below to see what others have said over the last 10 years after reading Frank McKinney’s first bestseller, Make it BIG!:

“In the competitive world of ultra high-end residential real estate, Frank McKinney has managed to do what I’ve done with projects all over the world. His groundbreaking deals and brand-making attention to detail have enabled him to make it big within his chosen field. Read his book and learn how you too can become a great success!”

– Donald Trump

“I had been struggling with my Real Estate Investing business for 7 years, after reading Make It Big everything clicked.

Everything has fallen into place and the first 6 months after reading the book, my business has made more than all the previous years put together. Thanks Frank. NO BETTER BOOK OUT THERE.”

– N. Schneider

“I strongly recommend this book for the entrepreneur. Ultra high end real esate is only McKinney’s vehicle; his philosophy is universal. Those of us with the entrepreneurial bent tend to find unlimited places to go, things to learn, and projects to start. We often suffer as a result. Mr. McKinney’s book is the epitome of Napoean Hill’s clear thinking. He clearly has a steadfast moral compass, has thought through who he is, what he wants to accomplish, and how to do it. As a result he is highly successful and the world is better for it. A must read.

PS. Buy the book new – the profits go to McKinney’s foundation that houses and supports the world’s most poor.”

– B. Meiklejohn

“Frank McKinney seems outrageous–but this guy is all heart. He is a real inspiration and phenominal motivator. He’s got an audio version out too but I think it’s only available from his website. Although the phrase about “judging a book by it’s cover” is a cliche, it truly applies to this author since you would never expect anyone with this persona to be so kind and generous to those less fortunate.”

– Nathan C.