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Below please find 74 donation options in support of Caring House Project Foundation’s efforts. While 74 options is a lot, they are separated into 8 categories; single family homes, food, water, orphanages, schools, clinics, community centers and miscellaneous. With donations ranging from $4.75 to $200,000. Donate where you want to make an impact!

If you scroll to the bottom of the donation options you will find simple $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $20, & $10 donation options too.

PLEASE DONATE today as we need your help to build our 25th self-sufficient village in Haiti in the past 15 years, this one in the small town of Bwa Blan, Haiti.

A little more about our 2018 Bwa Blan Village. We need your help:

Bwa Blan (white wood)

The Bwa Blan village is located about 60 miles north of St. Marc, and 2.5 hours north of the capital city of Port au Prince.

The village will contain 25 concrete and steel homes to house a total of 200 children and their families, 1 solar powered large concrete and steel multi-purpose building containing a school/church/community center, 12 concrete and steel latrines, water filters, solar lighting, and hundreds of goats, chickens & fruit trees.

All elements of the Bwa Blan village will be provided to the residents at no cost to them.

2 rooms, kitchen, front porch and latrine

A Little Something Extra
Make a donation to The Caring House Project Foundation of $100 or more and I will send you a copy of any one of my 5 books on our online store page. Please specify which book you would like and I will personally autograph it for you or someone you love.

God Bless,

Frank McKinney

Twelve 4-room homes housing 12 orphans & two adult caregivers: 168 lives touched

Agricultural Project: 500+ lives touched

Approximately 400 students

Building | Medicine | Supplies | Examination tables | Scales… 1000’s of lives saved

Building for fellowship, worship and communal meals: 250 person capacity

Caring House Family

Pumps | Wells | Storage tanks and sanitation units thousands of lives touched

Frank, we want to share our blessings with those less fortunate. You and your Board of Directors decide where the need is the greatest!

Mme Jean-Louis ap viv man Caring House Blue Hills Pou Li Meme, Se pi bon bagay ki jan’m rive pou li. Yon kay li fe m’sante mwem an sekirite, lidi peson-n pap mete zafe-m deyo anko.

Mrs. Jean Louis lives in a completed village known as The Caring House Village, a village for over 1,000 previously homeless in Blue Hills, Cap Haitien, Haiti. Translated, Jean says: “This is the best thing that ever happened to me. This home makes me feel safe. No one will ever kick me out or hurt me again.”

We need your help to build our new Bwa Blan Haiti Village in 2018!