Program of Work

Current Program of Work

Please consider donating to help us with our very aggressive 2016 Program of Work.

As part of that 2016 initiative, PLEASE DONATE today as we need your help to build our 23 self-sufficient village in the last 13 years in Haiti. The new Doug Doebler Village will be in the small town of Brinet, located a few miles southeast of Gonaives, and two hours north of the capital city of Port au Prince.

The new village will contain 40 concrete and steel homes to house a total of 400-500 children and their families, 1 large concrete and steel multi-purpose building containing a school/church/community center, 20 concrete and steel latrines, water well, water filters, solar lighting, and hundreds of goats and chickens.

All elements of the Doug Doebler Village will be provided to the residents of Brinet at no cost to them.

Also, I invite you to visit Haiti with me in 2017 as I host you for our Haiti Trip ! You have got to visit this new page that we just put up.

What is CHPF doing in the United States of America…?

Continuing to answer the call of those suffering tremendously here in the U.S. by providing temporary emergency shelter, homeless assistance, rental assistance, food, clothing, counseling, etc.

We can’t do it without you!

By the end of 2016 Caring House Project Foundation will have provided shelter to 10,400+ homeless men, women and children from around the world!

Caring House Family

Left: Current village
Right: What the Guernsey Family Village in Tante Jeanne will look like with your help!

Here is an excerpt from a letter from a new resident of a recently completed CHPF village who also works in the school:

I am grateful for the provision of the Testasse village. We found this little 4 year old girl in a shack in the swamp with her two sisters, one 5 years the other 1 year. They were alone, all very hungry. They are our newest residents to move to Testasse Village along with another set of three children who just lost their mom last week. The youngest child of this family had her hand broken in several places. Her mother had symptoms of an illness that would cause her to fall constantly. She fell on the baby several times breaking her hands. God Bless you and those who made Ange Village possible
– Delane Baily.

Donate Today!

Please visit our Donate Page here to pledge your support for these worthwhile projects, and for others we will surely undertake in the future.

Once on the donate page you will find 70+ different donation options.

Is there a level where you feel you can help us make a difference?

I believe the future residents of CHPF’s self-sufficient villages are deserving.

Recall the Gospel of Luke: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more demand.

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