Frank McKinney under consideration for U.S. Ambassador to Haiti

19 February 2017

I recently learned that I’m being considered by President-elect Trump’s transition team for United States Ambassador to Haiti. I’m honored and would work hard at representing the interests of the United States and Haiti as a true “Philanthro-Capitalist.”

I know the Haititan government. I know their people. I know how to get things done there, as I’ve built 24 self-sufficient villages in 21 Haitian cities in those 14 years affecting the lives of tens of thousands. In that time I’ve learned how to turn the Haitian governmental “red tape” typically associated with this type of work into red carpet. Each village we build contains 50 concrete homes (earthquake/hurricane resistant), community center, school, clinic, micro-lending entity, renewable food sources, solar energy, clean water and a free enterprise economic engine that facilitates self-reliance.

I know how to encourage others, including a nation, how to become more self-sufficient and less reliant upon other governments for stability. I’m respected and loved in Haiti, having earned the nickname “Bon Papa” or benevolent godfather. I’m NOT a politician. The Clinton Foundation contacted me 3 years ago and asked how we were able to accomplish so much with so little (it’s taken just over $4 million to create 24 self-sufficient villages). They wanted my model, which I was glad to share, yet it appears they didn’t follow it.

It’s free enterprise and capitalism that provides the only true solution to poverty, thus requiring far less local and international government intervention, welfare and entitlements. I refer to this as “philanthro-capitalism.” With Haiti’s recent election of President-elect Jevenel Moise, a serial entrepreneur whom I’ve met and respect, I believe I’m qualified to further the interests of the United States in Haiti.

As I’m permitted, I’ll find a way to share additional high points of my nomination application in the near future. If you think I’d make a good Ambassador, your prayers and influence are welcomed.