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Frank McKinney’s Survival to Thrival Tour: Feel The Tap!

Frank McKinney’s Survival to Thrival Tour continues to be a success, even though the tour bus is now parked.

The Tour traveled 4,071 miles across the United States, stopping at 16 different homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

During the Tour, I slept under bridges, in parks and at homeless shelters. I touched tens of thousands of lives, but the mission is not over…now it’s your turn to join me. To vividly experience the tour in action click on the videos at the bottom of this page.

A TV reporter asked: “Frank, are you doing this tour to raise awareness for the homeless?” My response; “Awareness? Who doesn’t know about homelessness in America? I am here to do something about it!”

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homeless_signThe Tour was not about awareness, it was about action. Our great country has become a nation of talkers, dreamers and debaters. Of occupied pundits and politicians, some real, some self-anointed.

Where have all the “doers” gone? The executioners? The action takers, those who preach the Gospel, and sometimes use words to do so?

Where on the “action-hero” continuum do you fall? Oh yes, there is such a thing. Super-hero characters, real or fictional, have one thing in common – action!

Homelessness is not my cause. It’s an issue that needs action, and one I choose to act on. It’s that simple. What moves you? Remember this; compassion without action is a waste of emotion.

I encourage faith in action. Heck, if you have no faith, I encourage action – then watch the faith return. Faith in you, in U.S. and in those who benefit from your being. Get off your knees and “pray walking” Chapter 5 of my book The Tap says.

By taking action you’ll experience one of life’s great joys, an epiphaneous “tap moment” to be the responsible steward God made you to be.

I want to thank all that made the Survival to Thrival Tour happen. You embody the very definition of selfless action.

Dennis Moran and Jerry Gemma for driving the tour bus, Karen Risch for all tour logistics. Our Caring House Project Foundation Board members. And finally, Juan Restrepo, who captured all still and moving pictures and who lead us in prayer every day. I love you all.
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